Corona Virus (covid-19) Update to everyone



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Due to the crisis Streets Estates Ltd like everyone else in the world has to change the way it operates for the foreseeable future. This is not just in order to survive financially, but also to play its part as we all must in order to fight the spread of this Virus. We must work together do whatever we can to help so that in the not too distant future please God, things may get back to normal.

The office is now closed but I have put measures in place to work from home and provide the best service possible for clients. The majority of staff has been FURLOUGHED so please bear this in mind if you need to contact the office for whatever reason that a reply may take longer than you would normally expect.  I would suggest that all communication unless URGENT is via email to give time to prioritise and deal with.


Sales and Rentals

There has been an obvious and dramatic drop in the number of enquiries received for sales properties and a slightly less reduction in rental enquiries. This I believe is a natural reaction as people are fearful and also respecting the wishes of the Government to only going out for essential reasons. For sales there could be the added factor that people are expecting a drop in house price as a result of the Corona Crisis, so therefore buyers are going to wait and see what happens.

The Government have stated that Estate Agents are deemed to be a non essential business and have been ordered to close. Our normal activities have affected by this decision and such things as viewings are a dilemma. Because does the closure of the business extend to our external activities?  In the absence of a precise ruling, I have taken the view that, viewings unless essential cannot be undertaken.   

The government last night (26th March) issued guidance saying they “urge parties involved in home moving to adapt and be flexible to alter their usual processes.”

We will wherever possible arrange “virtual tours” and see this a positive way forward.

I wish you all “safe passage” through this crisis and hope you that the world we see at the other end will not be too dissimilar from the one we know today.